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I am brand new to the world of retail store security, what do I need to get started?

We have a category just for retailers like you! We created Starter Packages that include everything you need to get going. The starter packages include the Antennas, the Tags, and the Detacher.

I bought a Starter Package but I also need more tags, can I order more tags?

Certainly! All starter packages we have are simply a bundle of all the items we carry on hand. All you have to do is find the tag from the bundle and locate it on the the EAS tags category. If you are having trouble finding the exact match to your existing tag, give us a call and our representatives can help you out.

Which detacher do I need for the tags I want to purchased?

There are multiple different type of tag mechanisms that need to be understood before purchasing. There is the standard universal magnetic detacher that can remove any hard tag we offer (with the exception of optical tags). Any optical tag needs a mechanical screwdriver style detacher. Any soft labels will need a deactivator. If you are unsure, contact us and we will confirm which combinations you need.

Can I mix and match the RF and AM frequencies?

No, the two different frequencies will not work with one another. RF systems need RF tags and AM systems need AM tags.

I purchased a system and tags, but unbeknownst to me I purchased a mix of AM and RF tags, what do I do?

We review every order and give the correct frequency tag to go with the system even though the order has mixed frequencies.

I am installing the system and am wondering which ways do I face the board.

We prefer that the PCBoards are facing each other (inward) so that you can see both boards at the same time when making adjustments to the system. Otherwise you would have to go back and forth on each side.

I have a 3 feet door entry (single door), will your systems work for me?

Yes! All our systems can take care of a 3 foot door entry.

I have a 6 feet door entry (double door), which system will work for me?

Having a 6 foot door entry is always a problem for retailers to get systems that can work. Although we do not have any systems that are specifically designed to handle large entryways, we have found a way to combat the issue. Please call us for a consultation for more information on how we go about doing this.

What is your return policy?

We understand that sometimes things do not go as planned and returns are needed. This is why we offer 30 day money back guarantee (minus our shipping cost). Limitations: Items such as Soft Labels which are one time use are non refundable.

Read more about it here.

Do your systems have a warranty?

Yes! Our systems come with a 1 year PCBOARD replacement warranty. If your system is suddenly out of commission within 1 year, simply send the board or boards back to us and we will send you a brand new replacement. *Warranty approval subject to discretion*